Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Today at work I lost my JMD project. To add salt to the wounds, I lost two of my Rita's shuttles. The clear acrylic one I wasn't as upset about, this one I can replace easily enough. It was the shell one that broke my heart to say goodbye to. I clearly remember setting it down on a lower counter shelf prior to assisting a customer, along with my cellphone. The cellphone was still there, my tatting was not. I retraced my steps as best I could before having to leave but no luck.

I'm not even upset about the actual tatting being lost. I spent hours tatting and retro-tatting it, going on a mission took find thread to continue working it, but in the end it didn't mean as much. If by some lucky chance it reappears tomorrow when I go back, I will only work on it at home. This makes three shuttles lost at work since I switched positions this year. From now on, only Clovers or Starlites go with me, these I can quickly replace the same day.

R.I.P. my tatting buddies...fear not, your descendents will be treated with much more care in the future. 😉

My Honey says I'm being overly dramatic. I am a woman of course I'm overly dramatic it makes life more interesting..lol

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

JMD, Shuttles and what's next

These last couple days I have noticed a weird shaking in my right hand. Every time I hold something in it lightly, it seems to begin to shake after a few moments. Something to report to my doctor on my next appointment, in case it's a side effect of one of the many medications I'm on. Okay, back to the tatting portion.
The next round went by super fast and on the seventh row, I noticed that numbers were missing on the chart. I went to Craftree to see if I could get help. I had forgotten that a few years ago, they did a Tat-a-long of sorts with this doily. They even posted Errata info! Yay, I can move on and not have to 'make it work' on my own. Now deciding on how to work the color combination. As I began tatting I noticed the threads began fraying more often. Thinking it might be the shuttles doing damage, I spent an afternoon unwinding and rewinding the threads onto new shuttles. Unfortunately, I kept having the same problem, so it is the thread not the shuttles. I began to get discouraged by this. I picked up another pair of shuttles loaded with size  DMC thread. I began this doily again but I left out all but the joining picots.
 I like the way it looks without the "frufu" picots. It feels cleaner, less cluttered. The idea actually came as I began to work row seven. I will continue to work the size 12 Pearl thread doily, I think I will also work the other version at the same time. Then when it comes time to enter my doily, I can choose between the two and hopefully win a ribbon for it.
Yesterday I received my second set of Daiso shuttles from Ebay. I won this at cost. Luckily for me, no one else bid on these for the week they were listed. I'm debating on whether to leave them in the package and put them up for display.
Friday I plan on spending the day making some 'Aquatat' shuttles. I'm looking for the water globe water to fill these with. I tried using oil but they hardly moved. When I tried distilled water, some of the inclusions were too heavy and just stayed stuck to the sides. Glitter was really bad with water. I later found a video that said to mix clear glue and water, but I'm not sure if this would be a good move. I tried alcohol, but this made the paint on some of the inclusions bleed out and cloud the alcohol badly.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The next round : JMD

Finally finished that snowflake round! It seemed to take forever. Now this next round seemed to be moving along super fast compared to the previous round. It was when I moved to my chair in the living room where I have more natural light, that I noticed a problem.
I'm not sure if you can make it out in the picture above, but there is a color discrepancy.. The rings are being formed with the left over thread from a previous ball. The chains are with the new thread I picked up earlier this week. The new thread doesn't appear to actually be white. It has a more cream coloring to it. I went back to find the label from the first ball and the tags match the new thread. I thought that maybe there was two different whites in Pearl 12, one regular the other bright white, like with DMC's rayon and embroidery floss. Well then I thought that after it is washed it would match more closely. Normally this wouldn't matter, but this is for my fair entry, so I need the colors to be correct. I had no choice but to snip off the work and start over.
The difference is subtle, but more noticeable in this photo. I suppose it could be interpreted as a deliberate change in colors by adding grey in the outer last rows but I don't believe there is a Pearl 12 grey available. I rewound the shuttle with the new ball and kept tatting. Next mistake was that I kept tatting for too many repeats that I forgot to join. I'm going to retro-tat the rings and chains. The ball is already half gone so I don't want to waste thread even though I will be wasting time to undo the work. The deadline for the entry fees in next week. Besides this doily, I have four other projects I want to submit. If I'm not at halfway done with this by then I know it will not be finished in time. There is another two tatting projects and a wire entry to make. I was also thinking of some clay projects but have my doubts about the ability to finish it all in time.