Sunday, November 12, 2017

Exquisite doily

This is a free pattern from the Australian "Trove" newspaper. I began this project earlier this year. I began with the purpose of graphing the pattern and making small adjustments or "shortcuts" where I could. The center point was easy and the enclosure box was saved a cut and tie with the use of a split chain. The first half of tghe outer arms uses a series of split rings to progress around. The terminology had me a bit confused for a bit as I am not used to reading 'antiqued tatting terms'.  The final center of the arms point worked out in a similar fashion to the arms.

I have one "corner" completed. I'm sure once it's sewed down it will look much better. My issue is my sewing skills are not so great. I tried laying it out to see if there was a way to join the separate elements into one. There are potentials but depending on your tension, it may not work out.

I'm beginning a second corner point testing the joining to see how they play out. It's being worked in size 50 thread since I have such a large abundance of it. I do need to begin making this year's snowflakes for my giftees. Today will be the doily, tomorrow the snowflakes.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Honoring a fellow fiber artist

A week ago, my mother had moved on to her next life. Three days from when we brought her home, she passed on. I spent the next couple of days numb, handling last minute affairs and discovering there really isn't much you can do until you get the death certificate. So I attempted to distract my mind and comfort my kids and family. I tried tatting but couldn't concentrate on it. I moved to crochet and I felt a bit better. Crochet is the first fiber art my mother attempted to teach me. It wasn't until I was much older that I went back to it sporadically. My earliest memory is of her making me slippers to wear at home. After some Pintrest and Youtube browsing I found a pair I felt like making. I think it was more a comfort thing than anything else. The artist was a spanish speaking teacher and her voice reminds me much of the way my mother would try to teach me. My mother stopped crocheting a few years ago and moved on to knitting. I haven't picked up this skill yet.

I was indecisive on whether to add the flower or leave it off. I ended up making up the flower for the second foot. They actually feel good on my feet and are open enough in the spacing, that my feet don't overheat in them. While on Pintrest I found a shawl that drew my eyes. The pattern is available for free on Ravelry by Maryette Roy. I don't normally care for skull patterns, but it called to me so I had to make it. While listening to Creepypasta stories of course.
This pattern is pretty simple to work once you get the rhythm of it. Once I was able to do a few repeats, my mind clicked on where to do the increase for the next skull row and it became much easier to work up. This is only two days of work or about eight hours. I had to stop today to rewind my ball of thread again. This dog is destroying all my craft supplies. He's destroyed about 5 shuttles already. Four were one of kinds/limited edition wood ones. I am less than happy with him right now. Honey thought it was a good idea to put him in my MomCave as a 'time out'. The dog completely trashed the room. There was thread and papers and just about everything you can imagine scattered. Luckily, the resin is stored on top of one of the workbenches so he couldn't reach that. With my youngest daughter's help, we cleaned up the room. The carpet needs some shampooing, because well he's a dog, but other than that, it's workable again.

In the midst of cleaning we found this cabochon that I had made months ago. Now I was debating on what to make with it. I could put an eyepin and make it a pendant real quick and easy. I remembered I saved Diane's Ice drop pendant tutorial a while ago. Using her instructions I worked up a different backing for it. I wanted something that would blend in or match the design on the front so I went with clovers.
I still need to work up the sides and the front. I do like how it looks so far. I want the front to be as visible as possible. I have a few resin pendants and molds to make. Memorial hearts for my neice who took my mother's passing so hard. It calmed her when she heard me tell my daughter they are taking grandma away to become fairy dust. That she's become a fairy and moved on to her next life, and when we move on ourselves, we'll find each other again. Family always finds family again.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I received some heart breaking news this morning. My mother was diagnosed with cancer. It is in her bones,lungs,and kidneys. I have an appointment  with  a  hospices worker in the morning. Of the five of us I have been charged with sorting everything out. It's going to be an extremely  exhausting next few weeks  that I hope turn into months or even years. The most difficult part of all of this, is trying to explain  to  my kids what's  happening  to Grandma.

I'll lose my tears in my tatting for now.